supernature 2014


A workers co-operative established in the early 70’s are now the UK’s leading independent wholesaler of vegetarian, natural & organic foods. All products are GM Free & Organic Products are certified by the Soil Association.

Our range includes the following lines but new products are constantly added.

Organic Alfalfa Seeds - 125g
Organic Bean Mix -  500g
Organic WheatBran - 500g
Organic Aduki Beans - Fairly Traded 500g
Organic Linseed, Golden - 250g
Organic Brown Basmati Rice - 500g
Organic Jumbo Oats - 500g
Organic Porridge Oats - 500 g
Organic Pumpkin Seeds - 250g
Organic Pumpkin Seeds - 500g
Organic Rice - Long Grain Brown 1Kg
Organic Rice - Long Grain Brown 500g
Organic Rice - Short Grain Brown 500g
Organic Soya Beans - 500g
Organic Currants - 250g
Organic Sunflower Seeds - 500g
Organic Sunflower Seeds - 250g
Organic White Basmati Rice - 500g
Organic Deluxe Muesli - 500g
Organic Quinoa - 500g
Organic Quinoa - 1kg
Organic Sultanas - 500g
Organic Omega Mix - 125g
Organic Raw Cane Sugar - 500g
Organic Raisins - 250g
Wild Rice 125g
Organic Sun Dried Tomatoes - 125g                     Organic Red Kidney Beans - 500g                           Fruit Salad - 500g                                              Organic Millet - 500g                                                 Organic Apricots - 250g                                     Organic Couscous - 500g                                        Organic Black Eye Beans - 500g                             Organic Black Beans - 500g                                      Organic Red Lentils - 500g                                       Organic Green Lentils - 500g                                 Organic Figs - 250g                                                   Organic Basmati Rice White (Fairtrade) - 500g        Organic Basmati Rice Brown (Fairtrade) - 500g           Goji Berries - 100g Organic                                     Soya Beans (Fairtrade) - 500g


Available from : Planet Nutrition Stores, The Change Initiative Park & Shop Stores